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Hi!  Welcome to our store where we sell unique t shirts and gifts that appeal to creative people — those that think a little differently than the rest of society, and like to challenge and prod: artists, musicians, poets, activists.  We create from our hearts and are passionate about what we make.  Designs range from funny to inspiring, to "let's just put it up and see what happens."  Check out our offerings below, and if you see stuff you like, please go ahead and buy it.  Cheers!  

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We strive for excellent customer service, so feel free to be in touch for any reason.  We are accessible via that little chat button in the corner, or via email, and usually answer within a few hours.  We expect high customer service when we shop and aim to give the same back to you.  Let us know if you need anything, or if there is anything we can do to improve your Artichokes for Dinner experience.