Why are we called Artichokes for Dinner?

Hello, hello.  Welcome to the first Artichokes for Dinner blog post.  This is the inaugural edition of our written work, which we intend to make interesting enough for you to look forward to reading it.  Please reach out with comments or ideas for future posts.  We are a unique store, guided by art and design and having fun.  And we look forward to conversing with you.  

One question I am often asked about the store is: why we are called Artichokes for Dinner?  Well, it's quite simple.  I've been in lots of bands and know that the name is something I feel a lot of pressure to get right, and hence I become paralyzed and unsure.  So I determined not to spend much time in it.  I had to come up with one  to get stared, to design reserve a domain and start sharing.   I typed the first thing that came to mind in the search engine for available domains.  For reasons unknown, I thought of artichokesfordinner.com.  It was  available, and I purchased it.  That was it.  A major step was now out of the way and I was then able to get to work building the store.  

I do have a bit of an obsession with artichokes, so the word is never far from my lips.  I wrote a paper on artichokes during my senior year of high school.  And my band has a song called Artichoke Rappin' in which I rap directions to cook an artichoke.  And I do put artichoke hearts in my salad almost every day.   I'd say they are my favorite vegetable, but artichokes are not vegetables.  As for the "for dinner" part, I only remembered later than an acquaintance of mine draws a cartoon called Toothpaste for Dinner and sells t-shirts as well.  That reference was purely accidental. 

But here are some facts about artichokes that we like to align the store with.  For starters, artichokes are flowers, which means that when grocers put them in the vegetable aisle, they are kind of out of place.  We can relate to that!  They blossom into something akin to a sunflower.  Also the word "art" makes up the first three letters, so we can call ourselves Art Shirts for short.  Artists are our target market, so we are happy.  Lastly, we like associating ourselves with something so healthy!  Our designs are intended to be as good for your mind the way the artichoke is good for your body.  Whether or not we pull that off is up to you.  

Anyway, thanks for reading our first blog.  Moving forward, we will use this space to explain the ideas that drive us and interact with our readers and customers.  We hope you will find it interesting and entertaining.  Fee free to write in, comment and share.  Please be sure to follow our blog to stay updated and informed.

Happy June,



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