About This Shop

Artichokes for Dinner is run by musicians. We began making t-shirts and other products to fund unprofitable music making projects by us and by friends. For touring musicians these days playing original music, there are few ways to make even a decent living; many successful artists we know live in their cars and most are extremely poor. Yet music is so important and thrilling that they do it anyway.  

This store began with the hopes of cover touring expenses, gear repair, and recording and promotion costs, not to mention life's basics for people working hard on their projects.  

This has turned into an adventure by itself. T-shirt making is a lot of fun, it turns out, and it is another avenue for creativity. This store will grow with designs by more artists.  We hope we have made an exciting space with fresh ideas and awesome t-shirts.  And you'll know your money goes to support artists who can really use it.  Thanks for your support.


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